“Don’t Split The Streams”

Part 1 — How musicians choose which streaming and retail services to deliver their music. And a detailed look at how music retailers Traxsource, Beatport and Juno Download allow dance music producers to market their tracks.

Part 2 — The differences in how Spotify and Apple Music count song streams based on music metadata. What do the music metadata fields “remix artist” and “featured artist” mean with respect to stream counts. And a detailed look at Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists and the artist analytics they offer for musicians and their management teams.

Part 3 — How should musicians size up their streaming performance against other artists. How does an artist get to one million streams on Spotify?

Part 4 — An in depth look at Spotify’s annual stats review “Spotify Wrapped for Artists” and how to make sense of the analytics using 3rd party data sets from Apple Music for Artists / Shazam, Soundcharts, Chartmetric, and WARM Airplay. Plus understand important Spotify engagement stats like “streams to listeners” or “monthly listeners to followers”.



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