The Great Song Registration Meltdown of 2020–2021

The “Music Publishing Industry “ is red hot and is rapidly consolidating, but some independent publishers find their work slowed by technological updates, a rapidly expanding universe of new songs, and a global pandemic


An update made to the writers of a song on made in December 2020
I’m a BMI affiliated songwriter going as “Charles Elliot Fishman” but in the original registration an ASCAP writer “Charles Fishman” was entered instead, by accident.

The Red Hot Music Publishing Industry

Independent Artists and Music Publishing

Three to Five Months to Register a Song

Given my previous experience with my music attorney being able to quickly file and register songs with BMI, the missing songs seem unexpected.

PROs, Publishing Administrators — Millions of New Songs to Register, Drowning in Data

How many more songs to keep track of and how many royalty sources ?? One music publisher records a 4500% growth rate in data processing ??

Hunting Down, Validating Song Registrations

A UK publisher who registered a collaboration I made with an artist affiliated with PRS for Music UK validates that our song is in the PRS database, but our BMI affiliated contribution is not yet appearing at BMI’s repertory search (email from April 2020)
CIS-Net for Rights-Holders besides looking like a Web 1.0 website from 1995, seems practically impossible to access for US songwriters

A Community of Songwriters Experiencing Registration Delays

Songtrust finally publicly communicated about the issues with song registrations in March 2021

Inconsistencies with song registration data

Only 5 of 8 FSQ songs registered with Songtrust to BMI are appearing in song repertory search as of July 2021
I have 10 titles registered at The MLC — the 8 FSQ songs from the 2020 album “Reprise Tonight” and two more songs from another project I am involved in, called fONKSQUISh.
Only 3 songs out of 8 album songs registered with in 2020 appear in 2021 in my

What is causing the song registration delays

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